7 Things Gays Need to Stop Saying to Other Gays

A gay man living in a straight man’s world is hard enough. However, a gay man living in a gay man’s world can come with its own challenges as well. Here are a few things the gay community needs to stop saying to each other. 1.) You’ve been together 3 months? That’s like a year! […]

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The Language of...

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We Should All Live Life...


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A Star Filled Night at...

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The Language of Love’s backstory: Interview with Kim Ho

By Helen Zhao Kim Ho’s monologue, The Language of Love, went viral when it hit Youtube in April of 2013. Then 17-years-old, the Melbourne native got to flex his writing and acting skills in the nine minute stream of consciousness stemming from a high school student struggling with an essay exam for his French class. […]


Pastor Melvin Comes Out at 56 and Embraces God’s Gift

By Sonny Luong-si At the cusp of turning 40, Pastor Melvin Fujikawa drove his car to the top of a lone hill and had a confrontation with God. ‘God, why did you make me gay? This is so crazy! Why, God, did you think that this was a good idea?” he screamed in his car, […]

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